Thursday, December 20, 2012

USCIS Unveils E-Verify Employer Search Tool

From, 12/29/2012

USCIS today introduced a new web-based tool that allows the public to search the list of E-Verify participating employers by name, location, and/or status as a federal contractor. This information has been publicly available since this past spring, but the new tool makes the roster more easily searchable. It does not expand the scope of available data on E-Verify employers. 

The web tool and other USCIS sources list only those E-Verify employers who have reported a workforce of five employees or more. It is not a complete list of every E-Verify participant. Employers are listed by legal name (rather than the trade name), workforce size and location, though not every business location of an employer may appear. The list is updated on a quarterly basis. Employers who have terminated their participation in E-Verify are not listed.

If the employer is a federal contractor, USCIS discloses the scope of the employer’s verification practices. In addition to verifying the employment eligibility of all new hires, federal contractors must use the system to verify existing employees who are assigned to the federal contract. They have the option to verify all existing employees, including those who are not assigned to a federal contract.