Monday, July 1, 2013

DOL Labor Certification Registry Goes Live

From, 07/01/2013

The Department of Labor today launched the Labor Certification Registry, an online database that makes certified PERMs, labor condition applications (LCAs) and other labor certifications easily accessible to the public. 

The database, which was announced earlier this year, will make LCA, PERM and H-2A/H-2B labor certification records publicly available within two business days of certification, though the posting of H-1B LCAs has been delayed until July 15, 2013. The registry also contains all LCAs and PERMs certified since April 15, 2009. 

The registry's PERM records give users nearly complete access to information about jobs for which labor certification is sought, including job titles and descriptions, requirements, wages and recruitment, as well as employer contact, signatory and attorney information. Only the employer’s FEIN and the foreign national’s name and other personally identifiable information are redacted. LCA are fully viewable, with only employer FEINs redacted. 

DOL has made PERM and LCA case data available in the past, but the new registry contains far more information than had been disclosed previously.