Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Working on campus this semester? Tips for applying for a social security number (SSN)

From iBuzz, 08/26/2013

Remember, you don’t need a social security letter to BEGIN working on campus at Georgia Tech! The OIE must notify the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), F-1 students, or the Department of State, J-1 students and scholars, of your arrival to the U.S., check-in and registration in courses (for students) in order to the SSA to verify your eligibility for the SSN.
F-1 Students: The Social Security Administration requires F-1 students have a letter support from OIE before applying for a social security number. There is now an e-form in iStart entitled ‘SSN Letter Request’ to ensure students can request a social security letter and minimize waiting time to see an advisor during walk-in hours. Please use this e-form to request a support letter from OIE and be prepared to upload the letter from your on-campus employer in the e-form.