Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Anxious to Start Your 2013 Tax Return?

As we enter the tax filing period for 2013, you may be anxious to complete your return and to get your refund.  We at OHR and OIE understand this, and want to help!  

This year the IRS has delayed all tax filings and will not accept returns earlier than January 31, 2014.  Please keep in mind that all non-US citizens (who are not US green card holders) should first use the GLACIER tax compliance system to determine if you are a resident or nonresident alien for tax purposes.  If GLACIER determines that you are a nonresident for tax purposes, we can help!  As a nonresident for tax purposes you will be able to complete your federal tax return using GLACIER Tax Prep (GTP) which will be available for use via your current GLACIER account no later than February 17, 2014.  

Workshops assisting with the Georgia state tax forms will be held February 24 through April 14 Dates, times, and locations can be found here.

Also, please be reminded that both resident and nonresident aliens for tax purposes who claimed treaties in 2013, as well as all those students who are nonresident aliens for tax purposes receiving scholarships above and beyond tuition, will need a form 1042-S to complete their tax return.  1042-S forms will also be released no later than February 17, 2014.  Recipients will receive an email from GLACIER when the form is ready for use.

See the International Student and Scholar Tax FAQs for additional information

Questions?  Email nra.ask@ohr.gatech.edu