Monday, February 17, 2014

Important Information about getting an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)

There have been some significant and unannounced changes in the ITIN process for this tax year!  

If you or your dependents do not have a SSN and need an ITIN in order to file a tax return, please be aware that the IRS is no longer accepting ITIN applications with tax returns.  Instead you will need to file the ITIN application (the form W-7) first and separately from your tax return, and only after receiving the number can you file your return.  Please note that this may cause you to have to file your tax return past the April 15 deadline.  Unfortunately at this time there is no process to avoid this.  Keep in mind however that if you do not owe the IRS a payment there is no penalty for filing a late return. 

For more information on filing the ITIN application please see #19 in the Tax FAQ at and the previous ITIN announcement from the IRS at  Please keep in mind that any mention of filing the W-7 with the ITIN is outdated and should not be followed.